Dog walking by Meddrrows 

At Meddrrows we don’t just take your dog on an ordinary walk – we take them on cross-country and beach  adventures, packed full of interactive games, agility work and water play.  We also incorporate basic training into all the fun, to ensure that dogs are responsive to commands, and kept safe at all times.

In order to ensure a high level of care we keep group sizes to a maximum of four and which best suit each dogs’ individual personalities and temperaments. We only accept sociable dogs on our group walks.

If you think your dog would prefer its own company then individual walks are available or if your dog would prefer a quieter walk with just a little socialisation then we can arrange to take one of our own friendly dogs out with yours but don’t worry, yours will still receive lots of exercise, fuss and attention just like all the others!

We are happy to walk your dog together with you prior to entering into an agreement, so we can learn even more about your dog. If you’re then happy with us after that and are confident with the service we offer we can go from there and book in what you need.
If you want to use us as a one off, ad hoc or a regular user, please do not hesitate to call us.
Last minute outing? Shift worker? Just want a day to yourself? Not a problem, we will always attempt to make room for you and often squeeze in last minute bookings.

If your dog doesn’t like travelling in vehicles then that’s no problem because we can road walk your dog around your neighbourhood or if there is somewhere to let your dog off the lead within walking distance then that’s even better.

If your dog needs a shorter walk due to its age or other restrictions then these can also be arranged.


We also provide tailor made puppy packages to help your puppy make their transition into the big wide world when they are ready.

All dogs are transported safely and securely in our vehicles at all times.